we have pedigree hamsters

Happy Hamsters in Hindley Pedigree Syrian hamster breeder for adorable pet baby hamsters near Wigan Lancashire uk home bred Syrian babies available throughout the year for adoption.

our home bred pedigree hamsters

What is a Pedigree hamster?
Our hamsters are not like your typical petshop hamster.
heres 7 reasons why ?•petshops tend to get their stock on a supply and demand basis. they usually get their stock from rodent farms. We have found the babies are handled less, subjected to more stress due to shop visitors ,some have been identified as the wrong sex mixed in with siblings turning out to already pregnant when a customer buys a new one.
•these type hamsters are then prone to genetic and mutated genes resulting in tumours ,health problems and a much smaller hamster.

freddy pedigree syrian hamster

•our pedigree hamsters

the hamsters colours and hamster genetics have been researched before breeding. we breed like for like avoiding colours that are not compatible with each other.
we understand the dangers of breeding too close a relative ie brother to sister ,avoiding mating certain patterns with the lethal gene combination and the causes of breeding an eyeless white .
•in the event we find a litter of babies with a health condition that can be passed through the next generation we let all our owners know, and stop the line, therefore breeding out any faults.
•we use a data base to input at least a 3 -5 generation history for every hamster we own and print out a certificate for new owners when a baby is ready for adoption . that way you know what the ancestry background is at a glance and a nice way to know a hamster's family history.
•the average petshop bought hamster weighs 140 grams fully grown. we breed type for type picking out the best robust for parents the average size of our adult hamsters is over 200 grams.