Yellow Syrian Hamsters

Happy Hamsters in Hindley Pedigree Syrian hamster breeder for adorable pet baby hamsters near Wigan Lancashire uk home bred Syrian babies available throughout the year for adoption.

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We have finished being a breeder of the colour yellow Syrian hamster too now based in wigan Lancashire near Manchester uk.

the yellow hamster is a sex related gene that passes down to its young if you think of the tortoiseshell cat and its pattern then one of its parents will have to be yellow in order for the patterns to appear and its the same for tortoiseshell hamster. one parent also has to be yellow. we breed both tort hamsters and yellows now.see just below some of our yellow hamsters and keep an eye out for current litters expected so you can contact us to add your name to the waiting list. the tort is a popular hamster colour due to the stunning patterns and demand for this colour is high.we breed long and short haired yellow, yellow satins and yellow black (melanistic yellow)

yellow hamster   sally yellow long haired hamster 

a yellow hamster in this litter next to a dove tort.

next litter expected yellow boys yellow dominant spot boys, tort girls they will be golden and black and will carry chocolate ,dad is chocolate dominant spot and mum is yellow both are long haired so we expect this littler be long haired too. there are 4 on the waiting list already due 30th august and ready 6 weeks later if this first trial mating was a success you can see our latest news on this litter on face book on our happy hamster of Hindley page .