Cinnamon Syrian Hamsters

Happy Hamsters in Hindley Pedigree Syrian hamster breeder for adorable pet baby hamsters near Wigan Lancashire uk home bred Syrian babies available throughout the year for adoption.

pet hamster children syrian cinnamon colour

Cinnamon Syrian hamsters make good pets for children from age 3 upwards with adult supervision.

the cinnamon coloured hamster can come in a variety of coat types. the one above is a cinnamon stain tort. her name is Dotty Do lally she had a litter of 14 babies.

the next one is a cinnamon dominant spot female her name is Cinnamon roll we call this pedigree Syrian hamster Rollie for short.her fur type is long hair just like dottie do lally. the female with long hair is more fluffier than the boy the boys coat is much longer and has a long skirt at the base.

rollie cinnamon dom spot hamsters

this is Griffin Grey he is a male cinnamon hamster he isn't a satin.

griffin cinnamon male hamster